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Looking for a house isn't just buying a place to live. Its an investment in life, and investment in your family and memories for a lifetime.  Call us today, so we can start our search for finding the perfect home for you.



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V.S. Realty Group was established nearly 20 years ago. Val Bendersky and Sheila Farkas, two highly experienced agents with over 30 years of collective real estate experience came together and founded V.S. Realty Group as partners. V.S. Realty Group offers a much more hands-on and personalized service with very flexible terms than most of the large bureaucratic companies that exist today. V.S. Realty now has 17 agents servicing the Greater Cleveland Area, to help you find your dream home or investment opportunity.


Our Team


Val Bendersky

Broker with 35+ years experience.


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Sheila Farkas

Broker with 35+ years experience.


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• Carol Dolin
• Victoria Johnson
• Todd Deegan
• Judy Joseph
• Igor Lapinskiy
• Lina Macikenas
• Michael Siegal
• Nanci Squires-Hoffman
• Friday Gudina
• Aaron Newman
• Regina Guseynov 
• Katherin Kurkov
• Marlene Legome
• Antonia Rivas-Wolf
• Sandra Sieman
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